April 1, 2018 - Inscriptions From The Heart

April 1, 2018
Cheryl Zamora


For a child growing up at home, there’s nothing like the assurance that mom and dad are going to love each other together for the rest of their lives for better or for worse.

For warm weather fans, there’s nothing like the sight of the last snow melting, tree branches budding and the migratory Canadian geese are back in town as we spring to summer.

For one who misses a loved one who is already in the presence of the Lord or for one who bears the marks of terminal illness, there is nothing like the living hope of the resurrection.

JESUS IS ALIVE! That means, our sins are fully forgiven. The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:17 that if Christ was not raised, we are still in our sins. We are assured that everything that our Lord Jesus Christ said about Himself is true. God’s promises to help us in our life’s journey are secured by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

If you receive Him, you have eternal life. You are brand new. You become God’s child. You are His co-heir. You are seated with Him in the heavenly place (That’s our position in Christ, although hard to believe given the daily challenges of life.). And then because of Christ’s resurrection, Philippians 3:20–21 says that Jesus is going to give us a body like His resurrected body. When we die, and are raised from the dead, Christ will give us a body like His glorious body.

Best of all, Jesus is coming again to gather all who put their trust and hope in Him. Those who love to dine out can look forward to this – we get to eat with Jesus, at the ultimate wedding banquet when the Groom Jesus gets united with His beautiful spotless Bride the Church – that’s us!

The priceless life-and-death question is: have you put all your proverbial life’s eggs in Jesus’ basket? You may do so, by asking Jesus to forgive you and receive Him to be the leader of your life!

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