December 23, 2018 - Inscriptions From The Heart

December 23, 2018
Doug Bennyson

More than the Kingdom of Me.

What is the Kingdom of God? To my limited understanding, this is probably the simplest answer I can come up with. The Kingdom of God is where His will is done. The principle of a kingdom is defined by the way the king rules it. His understanding, his wisdom, his justice, his grace and his love for his people define a kingdom. If we take the king out of the kingdom there would be no kingdom.

The scripture Matthew 6:10 goes on to say “Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. If the Kingdom of God was here, it would absolutely disrupt the way the world is living at the moment. It would absolutely disrupt the way we are living. The Kingdom of God is much more than the Kingdom of you or me.

I work at a place where I am directly exposed to people who are in the midst of darkness and brokenness. Every day I realize in my heart in order to reach out or work with these kinds of people I need to work in complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit. Believe me, I tried working without God, ignoring His presence and I failed miserably. I was in a position of influence and authority, a position of leadership as we all term it. As much as leadership deals with responsibility, when we tend to be doing things so well, pride can have a grip on us so fast.

There was a point I reached where I had no love for people anymore. I felt I was going to the workplace and I’m doing a favour to these people by serving them. I had no love whatsoever in how I was reaching out to people. I grew bitter towards the way things were running in the workplace. Christian cliché’s irritated me. I wanted to change the way the organization was reaching out to the people. I felt I was nobler in the way I was acting. I wanted to do everything against the way God wanted to work in the workplace. I wanted to set up my kingdom and I was blinded by the fact that I was trying to do things against the Kingdom of God. Till one day I realized that I was doing everything against the way God wanted to establish His Kingdom in my workplace.

And God, as patient and loving as He always is, checked my heart through the Holy Spirit. I immediately realized I had an issue of pride and was utterly lacking in love. And the Holy Spirit so sweetly led me to repentance. God’s Kingdom has a passion for the lost. His heart beats and bleeds for that one person who is lost than the ones that are safe.

Whose kingdom are we seeing in our lives today? Is it our kingdom or the Kingdom of God? I want to leave you with these lines of a song I heard which perfectly translate what I went through.

“Up in my castle I tear down my throne
Cast my crown to the ocean and bury my Gold
I have finally found
When I look past my pride
I see love come to life
For this Kingdom to be
Is much more than the Kingdom of Me.”

~~Caleb Curtis Chapman

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