May 13, 2018 - Inscriptions From The Heart

May 13, 2018
Cheryl Zamora  

Marveling at the Resilience of the Human Spirit

Several years ago, Bob Layton, an award winning radio news editorial commentator here in Edmonton (he is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations, including 630 CHED and iNews880), waxed eloquent praise of a certain Joyce Milgard. Joyce knew deep down in her heart that her son David never committed the 1969 rape and stabbing death of a Saskatoon nursing student Gail Miller, of which David was wrongly convicted and served jail time for 23 years!

Against all odds, Joyce took on Canada’s justice system and the powers-that-be in the law enforcement agencies until her son was acquitted and freed in 1992.

I can’t help but think of all the mothers who share the pain that Joyce endured. Many mothers have children who did not suffer injustice, but simply made wrong choices. Moms hardly ever give up and I dare say, “never!” … when a teenager comes home at 2:45am or later or when a young adult announces he or she is moving out of the house and moving in with a “friend.” 

Children eventually grow to have their own families and these once young people do reach 40 years or older someday. Unfortunately, even the ones who appear to be settled and have it all can still get lost and be enslaved in the dark evil world. I cannot begin to imagine the sobs, sleepless nights and pillows drenched with many a countless nameless moms’ tears – like a very slow way of dying every day that can only change until the lost child decides to return home. She hangs on, praying and hoping against hope that nothing is too difficult or impossible to God.

Hail to our moms! Flowers, chocolates and dinners are mere starting points of showing our appreciation to her. A minute or so of a private heartfelt prayer and a brief written note of why she is special to you…will add life to this ever-resilient human spirit called mother. Better yet, say, “I love you mom!” (Forget your silly thoughts that it sounds corny or you’re too self-conscious or you’re not the expressive type.)  Better now than wait for who knows how long if or when you get reunited in the next.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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