February 17, 2019 - Inscriptions From The Heart

February 17, 2019
Pastor Immanuel Garcera

Greetings from rainy San Diego! It seems just yesterday we left for California to escape the cold of Canada, but in reality we have a few days left before we'd have to head back home. Right now as you're reading this on a Sunday, we will be in a plane bound for home. Nonetheless not once did we forget where we came from. We spoke about our jobs in Canada while here; shared what we did on our free time, what we loved and what we valued. We thanked people a lot and said "sorry" even more. Although San Diego has affected us a little bit, true and true we are still at the core, Canadians.

While we were on our two hour drive to Los Angeles, I was reflecting on how Christians are different from everyone else around them – different enough that you notice. We went to visit family members, establishments, and listened to radio stations that were/ran by both believers and non-believers. Each time you could tell the difference -- and I thought to myself, this difference isn't always apparent, so what makes a Christian and/or their establishment distinguished from the rest of the world? My conclusion is our Biblical world view.

When Jesus preached His "salt and light" message to His disciples he told them to "let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) Shouldn't this be our motivation for why we do the things we do and say the things we say? In the end, those who let their light shine and glorify God stand out from those who don't. If you need a guide on how to start "shining" or how to shine brighter, look no further than God's Word: the Bible. Those who read and know God's Word can't escape who they become; they become salt and light to the world.

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