Breaking free from family sins

Here are some of the generational or family sins that I could remember that had so much impact and in many ways have influenced our life as a family and how God has set us free in Christ Jesus. 

I remember when I was little being the oldest in a family of four siblings, every time our parents would have arguments and fights, the phrase that I would usually hear was—“let us separate!” This brought so much impact on me growing up in some profound ways. My father was addicted to alcohol and was a heavy smoker too. Most of the time he was hanging out with his friends, got drunk and gave my mom so much heartache and pain. Our youngest and only brother followed the footsteps of our dad. He too became addicted to alcohol, to cigarettes and drugs. Clearly, from my dad to my brother, sin could destroy one’s life and family.

Growing up I also witnessed my entire mother’s siblings had broken marriages and families. I often wonder why all of them got into this mess. Thankfully, over the course of time, my dad and my mom and the four of us siblings came to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. I remember, my dad’s brother went home to the Philippines from Canada, and he was instrumental to us so we could hear the Good News of Salvation. After our conversion experience, by God’s grace, life transformation was beginning to take place. For my dad, from being a drunk and a smoker to being sober and eventually became a lay pastor. For my mom, she eventually learned to be patient with my dad and supported him in his pursuit to obey God’s call on his life as a volunteer lay pastor. My siblings and I started to also serve alongside our dad’s church planting ministry.  I praise God for how my dad and my mom were set free from the influence of sin. People who knew who my dad back then were amazed at the transformation that took place in his life because of the love and grace of God. I am reminded of a verse in Jonah 2:7 (NLT):

"As my life was slipping away,

I remembered the Lord.

And my earnest prayer went out to you in your holy Temple.”

We could at any point possibly slip away from Him, especially when we are not deeply rooted in Christ and in the freedom that He alone can provide. The best way to prevent this from happening is to “remember the Lord and pray and be in His temple.” If however, you already have slipped away, just the same, just like Jonah, remember the Lord (go back to Him), earnestly pray (complete surrender) and be in His temple (immerse yourself in His presence and be with God’s people who could help and encourage you to live in true freedom).  

True freedom from the influence of generational sins can only be found in Christ. May we all continue to “remember the Lord and pray and be in His temple.”

- Gay La Guardia

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