A Helping Hand

Back when I was a kid in school, one of the complaints (besides my mischiefs) from my teachers was that I was a very slow writer. My hand when it came to writing my notes did not move as fast as the other kids in school. I was from a school that paid a lot of importance to a neat and clean handwriting. When I took my time to write slow I could write well. But when I had to write fast it got really messy. I used to get so frustrated with myself as all my other friends at school were very fast and very good in their writing skills. All my notes were incomplete because I was slow. It was a nightmare as I grew older in school.

One of my most fond memories in all this chaos was my mom helping me finish my notes. There were times she used to bring notes from my friends home so that I could sit and complete it. There were times when my hands hurt because of too much writing and she used to help me by writing my notes for me. My mom did it for me so that I would have enough notes to read and that I would not fail in my exams.

It is interesting when I see my life right now. When I moved away from home I remember those moments and I am so grateful for my parents for all that they have done so that I would not be put in places that I would struggle. The things my parents did made me have a glimpse of how God does things for me. It makes me think of the scripture in Romans 5:6 where it says “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.”(NASB)

It amazes me to think of that fact: Jesus coming down to help me when I was unable to help myself and I was weak and setting myself up for failure. I love how Romans 5:6 reads in the NCV, “When we were unable to help ourselves, at the moment of our need, Christ died for us, although we were living against God” (NCV). God knows when we need that extra help. God knows where to find us and how to find us. He knows we are helpless whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we believe it or not. And this is what amazes me. In spite of us not acknowledging the fact that we need help because of our pride, He chooses to offer us that help.

As I grow older every year that memory of what my mom did would always stick out to me. She found a way not to set me up for failure just like how God the father gave us a much needed helping hand. He gave us Jesus! Does life feel hard? Do you feel helpless? I believe He wants to help you today.

-Doug Bennyson

CEAC Media