Terminal illness – you never pay attention  until  it  unexpectedly hits  you or someone who is close to you. Here’s a friendly reminder in   light of a series of strokes that have touched or taken the lives of some CEACers’ relatives or friends. Visit your doctor. Get a second opinion if necessary. Read up.

An issue of TIME in 2007 features  the  worldwide  spread  of  breast cancer. With globalization comes the adoption of Western lifestyle  in most countries. Women opt for western cuisine, which is high fat, low fiber, lots  of  sweets  and  red  meat.  Women  left  the  farm  to  take  office jobs that deprive them of aerobic physical exertion. With  birth control, women have fewer children or have them much later in life. Combine these with daily stresses, longer lifespan and you have the  perfect formula for cancer. Post-menopause, women are as susceptible to deadly diseases such as cancer, heart disease and hypertension as their male counterparts.

What to do (based from readings I had)?

•      Check with your doctor a.s.a.p. (speaking of which, I need to do this)

•      Eat more vegetables, fruits, fish and white meat. (use salt, sugar, cooking oil sparingly)

•      Engage in aerobic exercise daily (sorry guys, weight lifting is not aerobic; the simplest & easiest form of aerobic exercise is walking). Make sure your doctor gives you the go-ahead before you start exercising.

•      Sleep 7-8 hours regularly.

Please note that I am guilty as sin in doing these stuffs!

There’s a  long  journey  ahead.  The  future  is  unknown.  My body maybe aging, but I’m (and you are)  still  alive  and  kicking.  We  need to be good stewards of our bodies – God’s temples.

On another note, there are lots of potential our bodies can make    a good lasting impact in our city and world. So many still need the Lord. Our work is far from done, but  we  have  hope.  Our  God  is  good  and has promised to be with us every step along the way. For that reason, I expect life to be exciting if we hear God’s clear calling in our lives. I still hear it, do you? The last I heard from Jesus, He called me to serve together with His good people at CEAC. You  ready  to  ride  together? Let's make good use of our bodies, His temples before He calls us home!

Cheryl Zamora

CEAC Media